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Blockchain-based FPS Play 2 Earn Game

inwarium online project overview

A Blockchain based Play to Earn FPS multiplayer game built on the Binance Smart Chain which will give players a new gaming experience. The game is set in a postmodern-apocalyptic world where all knowledge was lost over time and unknown events have reduced the world's population to a few hundred survivors. The remaining people of this desolate planet must endure this PVP survival of the fittest test.

Inwarium Online is designed to reward players regardless of their skill-level while offering competitions for experienced players and teams that require personal skills and teamwork. You can play alone or team up with your friends in battle. Get yourself on-board with challenging game modes where players will be able to earn tokens by beating all waves of zombies in Quarantine mode, to win team deathmatch competitions and remaining the last player in Battle Royale. The game includes an NFT marketplace for the sale and purchase of in-game items that can improve your battle capabilities and earning potential. Each character or weapon will be unique and have special attributes to help the player survive.

game modes

Inwarium Online is divided into various game modes which gamers can master in order to earn tokens. These modes include Quarantine mode in singleplayer and co-op, Team Deathmatch and free for all. There are different modes to suit each player’s interests. We plan to introduce more interesting modes such as Battle Royale and Capture the Flag in the near future.

weapons rarity

official trailer

Quarantine Zombie mode


Integrating blockchain into an attractive FPS game​.

A new experience of making a profit from playing games​.

Connect investment and fun​​.


Players own in-game items that have a real word value.​​
In-game NFT marketplace where players decide the value of the NFT items.
The value of items grows over time parallel to token growth.



inwarium team